@Studio16 (Est. 2001) is located at Five Dock and provides proven, effective and motivational coaching programmes along with a safe environment for training and a passion that encourages everyone to “train for life”.

Pilates, Weights, Fit Balls, Balance & Posture, Stretch, Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi are some of the training techniques incorporated into the classes so as to ensure a cross training of your body and mind for maximum results for body shaping and strengthening.

By training @Studio16 you will obtain:

Education: Learn about your health; body; mind and what really works.  Learn how to gain a meditative state of mind by connecting mind to body whilst training and deep breathing.

Application: Gain the skills to apply training principles throughout your everyday life.

Motivation: Providing you with the encouragement to succeed.

Commitment: Gain the knowledge that taking care of yourself is for the rest of your life.

Health: Understand that health and well being is the priority in your life.

Vitality: Essential for life growth & development.